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Get out on the water with Hinchinbrook Boat Hire

Hinchinbrook Boat Hire @ Boab Boats operates from one of the Cassowary Coast’s premier tourism locations at the revamped Hinchinbrook Harbour. From the marina’s boat ramp, you are straight into the pristine fishing waters of the channel between Hinchinbrook and the mainland, completely bordered by extensive mangrove forests.

If you keen to fish, this region of Far North Queensland is perfect for you. The numerous creeks that run into the Hinchinbrook Channel are home to much sort after Mangrove Jack. Other species in these waters include coral trout, barramundi, queenfish, snub-nosed dart and even giant trevally.

The nearby marine park waters and fringing reefs are also perfect for sight-seeing. Dugong, green turtles and fun-loving dolphins can be regularly found in the waters off Hinchinbrook Harbour. Venturing further afield, you may even spot a crocodile sunning on one of the many mainland sandbanks.

Visiting our Beautiful Region? Explore it all in a Boab Boat!

Within easy reach of the northern centre of Townsville, Cassowary Coast Boab Boats can get you out on the water from Cardwell, Lucinda and Hinchinbrook Harbour.

From Lucinda to Babinda, Boab Boats – Cassowary Coast gives you the freedom to go on a boating experience of a lifetime. We can have your vessel ready for you to board at any of the boat ramps in the area, you can also hire fishing gear, esky and more.

Come and play on the many islands of the Far North Queensland coast. With Boab Boats, you can visit:

    • Orpheus Island
    • Hinchinbrook Island
  • Dunk Island
  • Kent Island
  • Russell Island

Boab Boats – Cassowary Coast is the recommended location for individuals looking to hire from Babinda, Bramston Beach, Innisfail, Tully, Kurrimine Beach, Mission Beach, Lucinda, Cowley Beach, Tully Heads and Cardwell.

Can’t tow the boat with your car?

No worries – we’ll bring the boat to your nearest convenient launch. Currently, Boab Boats – Cassowary Coast services the following boat ramps (travel times from Townsville):

  • Mourilyan Harbour (3hrs)
  • Innisfail Town Ramp (3hrs)
  • The Coconuts (3hrs)
  • Bramston Beach (3.5hrs)
  • Kurrimine Beach (3hrs)
  • Lucinda (1.5hrs)
  • Cardwell (2hrs)
  • Hinchinbrook Harbour (2hrs)
  • Mission Beach (3hrs)
  • Cowley Beach (3hrs)
  • Tully Heads (2.5hrs)


4.3m Kakadu Tinny

Boat Licence & Bond Required

Overall Length: 4.3m
Boat Width: 1.85m
Towing Capacity Needed: 750kg
Engine Size: 30hp
Offshore Limit: Smooth Only
Passenger Capacity: 4 adults
Hire price: $195
Book a Tinny
Book a Tinny

4.5m Runabout

Boat Licence & Bond Required

Overall Length: 4.5m
Boat Width: 1.90m
Towing Capacity Needed: 750kg
Engine Size: 40hp
Offshore Limit: Smooth Only
Passenger Capacity: 4 adults
Hire price: $295
Book a Runabout
Book the Runabout

6.0m Centre Cab

Boat Licence & Bond Required

Overall Length: 6.0m
Boat Width: 2.48m
Towing Capacity Needed: 2500kg
Engine Size: 150hp
Offshore Limit: 15nm
Passenger Capacity: 6 adults
Hire price: $495
Book a Centre Cab
Book the Centre Cab
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